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angel of death

angel of death


the great god chuthulu

my fathers book Lucifer Rising i did the front cover :D

pokemon and pink floyd

love this!

Our new kittens !!

me and my long term (3 years) boyfriend decided to get kittens 🙂 arn;t they cute !!!

jack and sally

jack and sally

Alice in sanitarium

i thought this would be fun to look through the looking glass (sorry couldn’t resist) but alice is crazy and wonderland is an illusion from her mental illness

hey guys sorry i haven’t been doing much recently i’ve had deadlines and got a job and am now in university in Bangor and will start posting again either for things i need to do for my lectures or sketches i create in between them

V for Vendetta

i am a huge fan of this film and to show i liked it so much i decided to draw and water colour this sketch of one the main characters only known as the letter V